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مجمع عيادات بانوراما لطب وتقويم الاسنان

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(teeth lenses, interfaces ceramic) as they are called thin crust does not exceed the thickness of 0.3 mm and not need to prepare, but in some cases..


If your teeth crowded or crooked or if your smile is Unordered, it is possible that you need to Orthodontics your teeth..

Dental Implants

Dental Implants is the best treatment methods for replacing missing teeth and Oral and Maxillofacial rehabilitation and we are keen on the use...

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Medical Services

Detection and clarify the necessary processors with costs before starting any treatment

Note that Our prices List are certified and approved of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province and can be found at any time.

The client can pay in installments is convenient for all treatments at intervals of treatment.

Dental cleaning and polishing.

Remove lime deposits - treatment of tooth discoloration caused by smoking or other - halitosis treatment - treatment of gingivitis.

Teeth Whitening

The technique is using plasma or zoom 3 used in the finest dental clinics around the world, which gives the maximum degree of whiteness of teeth and less degree of tooth sensitivity and notice the difference immediately after the session.

Treat all kinds of decay

Treat all kinds of roots and conservative treatments for adults and children and coating children's teeth by closed Material anti-decay and clipboard for future teeth and application of fluoride to children's teeth to protect them from decay.

Cosmetic fillings

Veneers for those wishing to improve the color and shape of the front teeth for a beautiful smile.

Fixed installations (dental crowns, bridges and ceramic interfaces)

Where they are manufactured under the supervision of our doctors in the latest Kingdom Laboratories to ensure the accuracy and stability of colors manufactured for life, God willing.

Treatment of gum disease

Oral and dental surgery - surgical extraction normal without complications or pain after extraction and that is under the supervision of a specialist oral and dental surgery.

all kinds preventive of Orthodontic

Removed (the normal - transparent - Golden) - Verbal or hidden in children and adults with a monthly installment SR 300 comprehensive diagnostic and radiology.

Dental Implants high-quality system and supported globally.

Panoramic X-ray of the teeth and Sifalomtre note that the radiology unit consists of the latest global Devices and give less degree of radiative forcing on the smallest details of human radiography.

Medical sterilization unit

equipped with the latest autoclaves was used internationally and we adopt the latest methods used in the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, where the most important policies of the center are intensive care and the exataly Department of sterilization to ensure the safety for patients and staff from transmission of any infection, God forbid.

Adopt the system of appointments and we pre- contact customers to remind them time appointment with your physician to prevent waiting.

We have independent women's clinics to give greater privacy for women.


Selected so that the employee / receptionist assistant for you to solve any problem that may confront you and when you find it and medical advice you are kindly requested to contact the Medical Director at Mobile +966 13 809 4775 _ +966 54 279 0905


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